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Karlad lake wayanad, A fresh water lake ideal for boating in wayanad

Karlad lake, tourist attraction in wayanad by wild beauty

Karlad lake wayanad
Karlad lake wayanad

Karlad lake is one of the unexplored tourist destinations and a beautiful secret water source at wayanad. karlad lake is one of the fresh water lake in wayand, everybody is familiar with the pookode lake in wayand which is the fresh water lake in malabar. this is also a beautiful and offers the greater nature beauty along with this lake. karlad lake wayanad is attracts the visitors by its highly modified tourism facilities in wayanad. it located in tariod village of wayand district. the beautiful fresh water lake is sprawling an area about 7 acres in tariod village and it is counted as the second most fresh water lake in kerala.boating in the lake is the most attractive activity in the destination.

Compared to the other tourist destinations in kerala, it provides a special activity along with the lake that includes the zip line and zorbing. the zip line must be a great experience for you. archery is the another attraction at the destination, the zip line is covers all area of the lake and put you back by the boats over an area of 350 meters. this remembers us the tribal life of this area.there are many types of boating is available at the destination like speed boat, pedal boat etc.

The tourism at the karlaad lake is well preserved by the district tourism promotion council and the accommodation facilities holds by the tents. kaarlad lake is situated 16 km away from the district head quarters of wayanad. the lake and the tourism facilities will always open for the visitors daily 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. kalpetta is the nearest city which is easily accessible by the roads. the nearest rail head is focused at calicut which is 85 km distance. the nearest airport is at calicut is about 90 km from karlad lake wayanad

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