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karikkakom sree chamundi temple thiruvananthapuram- worship to devi as chamundi in three forms


karikkakam sree chamundi temple, rituals, offerings

karikkakom sree chamundi temple
karikkakom sree chamundi temple

The temple is located near to sree padmanabhaswamy temple trivandrum, the district is famous in greater number of temples, karikkakam chamundi all for the devotees they reach here to achieve the blessings of devi chamundi, the goddess devi is well known as karikkakom sree chamundi for the localities , the specialty of the temple is chamundi is worshiping in three forms here, they are maha chamundi, raktha chamundi and bala chamundi.


the temple is historically very important because the king uses this temple for proving crimes, because nobody telling lie in front of raktha chamundi, it is also believed that devi always save the innocents. the idol of raktha chamundi is installed right side of the main sanctum, there is not an idol but is a painting can see there. the main idol maha chamundi located at the centre in a calm expression, bala chamundi is another version of chamundi inside the sanctum as the name refers bala chamundi it is in the childhood form that bless the devotees the couples without child, they offer cradle to bala chamundi to have the childs by the blessings of devi.

2018 Pongala date at karikkakom sree chamundi temple is 28th march

The ponagala festival by the ladies takes place during in malayalam month meenam, ponagala festival,mandala vratham,vinayaka chathurthy,sivarathri,pooja vayypu,karthika deepam,ayilya pooja,aiswarya pooja are the main festivals hosts here, devotees reach here mainly to prevent the obstacles from the enemies, sastha, ganapathy, yakshiyamma, bhuvaneswari, ayiravalli and yogeswara are the sub deities installed here.

Some special rituals conducted at karikkakom sree chamundi but some of them are as usual in other temples they are bali sadya, niryum puthariyum, ayilyam oottu, kodi charthu, uthrada taneerkuda etc. The temple is 7 km away from thiruvananthapuram city, it is easy to reach here because the main places of kerala from thiruvananthapuram central bus stand and the nearest major railway station is also trivandrum.

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