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Kappil beach, the combination of lake and sea water in trivandrum

Kappil beach, popular beaches in trivandrum

kappil beach
kappil beach

Kappil beach is the beautiful scenic village and an amazing beach located at the coast of arabian sea in trivandrum district. the backwater tourism is well developed in these area like lot of beaches are the main tourist attraction of trivandrum includes kovalam, hawa etc. kappil beach and the back waters are served together as tourist destination and attract a thousand of visitors not only the domestics but also the foreigners. the beautiful village located in edava panchayath. it sprawling an area about 25 acres of land. the peculiarity of the beach is the lake and seashore which served in same line. the narrow sand region found in between the beach and nadayara lake. the sand region separate the lake and the beach.

Both the beach activities and the lake boating are the tourist attraction at kappil beach.there are uncountable visitors reach here to enjoy the boating in the lake. priyadarshini boat club arranges the boat riding in the lake. kerala is usually known as the place of coconuts, as the name suggests the beach and the back water is covered with green coconut leaves. the rocky walls which are built for save the shore of the beach from the strongest waves sometimes.

There is also a hindu pilgrimage center, kappil temple which dedicate to bhagavathy in the temple. lord bhagavathy is the principal deity peoples reach here is also choose bhagavathy temple sometimes. varkala beach is located adjacent to kappil beach at a distance of 7 km only.this is the best place to spend the holidays. sunbathing, evening walk, boating in the lake are the main tourist activities arranges here. varkala is the nearest city holds both railway station and a bus station. trivandrum international airport is the nearest airport at a distance of 55 km.

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