Kala bhairavar temple, sacred place between anjaneya hills and bhairava hills


Kala bhairavar temple, place for curing from diseases and having the wealth

Kala bhairavar kovil is one of the ancient temples which is about 1000 years old one in tamil nadu located at thiruvannamalai. lord shiva is worshiped in the form of kala bhairava, the specialty of this temple which has two idols of bhairava also an the idol for nandhi, the vehicle of lord shiva. devotees commonly visit this place for curing from the diseases, health, wealth, prosperity and having best couple. kala bhairavar kovil located at the banks of patethalavu lake. the location of this temple is actually sandwiched between anjaneya hills and bhirava hills. kal bhairava is the form of lord shiva that is the teacher of saturn or shani.

According to the legends there were the saints reached here to chant the hymens of bhirava to have the relief from the fear and for freedom, similar way devotees pray to bhairAva for freedom and free from any fear. it was built by the kings who ruled in krishnagiri. another feature of this temple which is open twenty four hours for the devotees to pray. there is an idol of dog together with nandi. this is the unique feature of kala bhairavar kovil because every bhairava temple only holds the image of dog only but it has nandhi too.


Lord Arunachaleswar Temple Tiruvannamalai
Lord Arunachaleswar Temple Tiruvannamalai

Ashtami days are the special days for kal bhairava which host from full moon day of full moon poornima day lasts for eight days. on the day of rahukalam times in Sundays, there are thousands of peoples locate at the temple. kala bhairavar kovil located at krishnagiri district of tamilnadu state. there are regular bus services provided at thiruvannamalai bus station to other major cities, this city has also the facility for connecting by trains from thiruvannamalai railway station. nearest airport located at pondichery is about 89 km away.

pooja timings:-
morning- 6.00am to 11.00 pm
evening- 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm

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