Kaisina Vendhan Temple – lord vishnu placed with lakshmi devi and bhoomi devi


installation for mercury as one of navagraha temples – Kaisina Vendhan kovil

Kaisina Vendhan kovil is a popular temple located at thoothukkudi, it is considered as one of nava thiruppathi temples in south india. the prime deity of Kaisina Vendhan kovil is lord mahavishnu with his consorts goddess lakshmi and bhoomi devi. this is also one of the navagraha temple dedicate to navagraha temple is dedicate to budha called mercury. lord vishnu in the sanctum installed in a reclining posture which is referred as bhujagasayanam in hindu myths. that is placed to eastern direction. varuna neeruthi theertham is the holy water source belong to the temple. there is also huge idols installed for lakshmi and bhoo devi.

according to the hindu mythology, lord vishnu spend his time with lakshmi devi at the banks of theertham, but goddess bhoojmi devi became irritated by the ignorance to her. he decided to left the earth and went to the underworld. but the earth became dry and dark.it was a great trouble on earth, so Deva of heaven requested to retrieve the earth in normal form. as the result of praying lord vishnu and lakshmi together went to under world and appeared with both his consorts, and hence lord vishnu called bhoomi balagar as the saver of earth. there is also a belief with this place that lord indra do great offerings here to worship bhoomi devi.


Kaisina Vendhan Temple Pooja Details
Kaisina Vendhan Temple Pooja Details

Moolasthanam or the initial place of lord vishnu in Kaisina Vendhan kovil visible through the windows which places in a lotus. the roof of the temple is called vadhasara vimana. water source called varuna theertham. temple located at Thirupuliyangudi in thoothukudi. thirunelveli is the nearest major city with the great facilities of rail and bus terminal which easily connect to other cities.

temple timings:-
morning- 8.00 am to 12.00 noon
evening- 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm

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