Kadammanitta padayani, popular folk dance form in travancore – 2018 date


holy offering to goddess bhadrakali, pathanamthitta – Kadammanitta padayani

Kadammanitta is a small village near pathanamthitta, this place and devi temple at kadammanitta is famous for conducting padayani. kadmmanitta padayani is one of the popular folk art form in kerala which got the world attention by its cultural heritage. padayani or padeni is not only famous as the folk dance form but also it is main offering to goddess bhagavathy. ten day annual festival conduct in kadammanitta devi temple with great padayani. The annual festival usually falls in malayalam month medam, which lasts for pathamudayam. every year it will conduct from medam first to 10th medam, which is known as pathamudayam.

Padayani is the unique art form in central travancore usually in pathanamthitta district. padayani showing some resemblances with theyyam in north kerala. padayani in travancore hosting in connection of cultivation in paddy fields. it is also believed that this folk form in bhadrakali temples to save the peoples from pox. there are different types of padayani kolams designed according to the legends. grand padayani will held in 8th day of the festival. chootu veypu is the initial stage of kadammanitta padayani, this is the holy event of lighting of fire for padayani from temple followed by drumming of thappu. procession of different kolams will come after ganapathy kolam.


Kadammanitta padayani date
Kadammanitta padayani date

Except ganapathy kolam there are many other kolams will take part in the performance, they are including marutha, yakshi, pakshi, kalan, kuthira and bhairavi. padayani is manily ailms to bring out the violent mood of goddess bhadrakali. kadammanitta padayani is one of the main padayani festivals in pathanamthitta except this, there are many other places in the district famous for the padayani festival. padayani kolams are made from the natural materials and the experts will take part inn the dance performance.

kadammanitta padayani 2018 :
Start date:- 14 april, saturday
End date :- 21 april, saturday

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