Kadakkal thiruvathira – holy birthday event of kadakkal bhagavathy


kuthiyottam and pongal are the main offerings at kadakkal devi temple – kadakkal thiruvathira

kadakkal devi temple is one of the most famous bhagavathy temple in kollam district. located at the eastern border of kollam district. kadakkal devi is commonly known as kadakkal amma for the devotees, it is believed that the peoples who worship kadakkalamma will save from all evils. there are many peoples headed to this blessed earth to achieve the ex-gratia of the goddess. kadakkal thiruvathira and the pongal are the high lights relate with here. this temple is very close associate with the legends of hindu.it has some unique features, there is no idol and no tantric worships by the priests.

kerala temple festivals images
kerala temple festivals images
  • it is believed that the thiruvathira day of kumbham is the birthday of kadakkalamma and is celebrated as kadakkal thiruvathira.



It’s a popular event that attracts thousands of peoples all over the country. Live kadakkal thiruvathira usually falls in malayalam month kumbham which may be varied according ti the gregorian calendar. kadaykkal thiruvathra festival is start with kuthirayeduppu event, which is the grand procession on that particular day, kuthiyottam is another highlight belong to thiruvathira at kadaykkal. kuthiyottam is the dance form performed mostly in southern kerala temples, kuthiyottam steps by adult boys to praise the goddess by music. kuthiyottam is actually an offering.

  • kadakkal thiruvathira date 5th March 2020 is the upcoming date
Kadakkal thiruvathira date
date of kerala thiruvathira kali at kadaykkal temple

kadakkal thiruvathira live

The previous day of kadakkal thiruvathira is also a prominent one, this is called kadakkal pongala. the day before thiruvathira is the makayiram day. on makayiram lady devotees reach at temple to take part in pongal. ten day annual festival celebrated in kadakkal devi temple is popular as kadakkal thiruvaathira festival ends with guruzi event, which is the great spiritual worship on midnight. thiru mudi ezhunnollippu is a great event that happens only once in every 12 year that is the grand procession. kadakkal devi temple is famous for its mythology and beliefs.

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