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Jew town mattancheri – famous for antique shops and colonial buildings

Jew town, the influence of foreigners in kerala

jew town mattancheri
jew town mattancheri

Jew town is the colonial evidences after the jew in early days. it located between mattancheri synagogue and mattancheri palace. mattancheri synagogue is the only Jewish synagogue in kerala. mattancheri synagogue is also known as paradesi synagogue, pardesi means a foreigner, it located at the corner of the jew mattanjeri town. it was built 1500 years back. this town is famous for the antique shops and other shops. the place is always favorite for the film directors, sometimes it established in some movies. the place reveals the beauty of a foreign country. the arrival of people from Israel is influenced this place very lot. after the independence it was maintained in the manner of the colonial age still now. it also the beautiful tourist spot of the foreigners they visit fort kochi.

The jew town is a small street in kochi, the place is famous for the mattanchery palace, it also known as dutch palace. but the palace is actually built by the Portuguese. there are some colonial buildings located along with the narrow streets of the jew town. in early days the the Jews from kodungallur was hosted here by the king of kochin in this area and it finally formed as the main street for Jews and later called jew town.

The tourists from kochi has a main aim to bring the antique collections from the street, especially the wood carvings and vessels it not only hosts the indian products, the collections from the china, arabian, European etc. a big bronze vessel with three meter diameter is the main attraction of jew town. fort kochi, mattancheri and the other places around the jew town attracts the visitors very well. the nearest railway station is located at ernakulam at a distance of hh km. cochin international airport is the nearest possible airway to the destination.

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