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Indo Portuguese museum fort kochi, features and accessing details

Indo Portuguese museum, history of kerala by the influence of Portuguese

Indo Portuguese museum kochin
Indo Portuguese museum kochin

Indo Portuguese museumis the cultural center of kerala that explain how the culture of portugeese influenced in indian history. it express how their presence in the region and the art.this is the tourist destiantion in kochi in ernakulam district give additional priority for the tourism attractions in ernakulam. the museum was established in 1910. it lies in the bishoop house of cohin which hosts the things that collected from the all other churches in kerala.

Dr. kureethra was a bishop in kochi who take the intial actions to found the museum at kochi that relate Portuguese it was his aim and ambition. it has some collections of posterity.The era of Portuguese was initiated from the beginning of 16th century by the arrival of first Portuguese sailor vas co de gama at the western coast of kerala, it was the beginning of the Portuguese in kerala, they defeat the whole country and initiate their rule in india. by this period the state was greatly influenced the culture of them especially the religion.

The museum is divided into five sections according to the things that preserved in the museum, they are altar, treasure, procession, civil life it also thee and cathedral. there is an art work which donated by the calouste gulbenkian foundation. it also hosts the symbols of animals. The museum is open for the visitors daily 10.00 am to 5.00 pm, which is closed in all Mondays and the holidays. entry fee is must, but entry is free in first thursday of the month. ernakulam is the nearest city to Indo Portuguese museum which is 12 km away from destination having both the rail head and the bus station. kochin international airport is about 44 km away.

for more details – Address: Bishop Kureethara Rd, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682001

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