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illikkal kallu map – how can you reach illikkal rock by road

illikkal kallu map and route options

illikkal kallu map and route
illikkal kallu map and route

illikkal kallu map with route and other details, we have once discussed about illikkal rock at and now check the route. lot of people asking for the tout map of this beautiful tourist place. nearest place is kottayam, if you came from kottayam route can use pala-erattupetta-thekkoye-adukkom route to reach illikal kallu. you can search for illikakl kallu in google map, before traveling it’s better to check it. you can open google maps from mobile or desktop browser. google maps application is available for mobile devices. you can open any of these options and search for ” illikkal kallu “.

Illikkal Kallu Road
Illikkal Kallu Road

This is the route map for illikkal rock, unseen tourist place of kerala. ” Illikkal Kallu Road, Poonjar Vadakkekara, Kerala 686652 ” is the search term in google maps for finding this tourist place. You can check the main roads and other important notes before fixing the tour. it’s a nice idea to fill the fuel tank of your vehicle from kottayam or nearest place. as mentioned in the previous post there are no chance for fuel pumps. you can also bring food, water etc , if you are coming with family. we can save our time and money, if you are bringing drinking water and food.

Nearest railway station is kottayam, you need to travel in bus or any other private vehicle to reach here. if you are interested in kumarakom and nearby places of kottayam can check here. we have written a detailed post about illikkal rock (kallu) at if you want to reach the top of this rock, 3 km trucking need. You can reach here with two wheeler or four wheeler. there is no chance for public transport system here.

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    it’s better carry food and drinking water while visiting illikkal kallu.

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