harippadu thaipooyam mahotsavam – festival of colors with kavadi


Kavadiyattam – Harippadu Thaipooyam mahotsavam

harippadu thaipooyam mahotsavam pictures
harippadu thaipooyam mahotsavam – kavadiyattam


Thaipooyam mahotsavam is a special dedication to lord sree subrahmanya swami all over india, haripad sree subrahmanya swami temple is a famous muruga temple in alappuzha district. it located 20 km from alappuzha, the temple located near to the way of haripad, we can see the temple from road. according to the hindu mythology, there the war between devas and asuras takes place regularly, during that time the situation of devas fall was born and they requested lord shiva and prayed for a devasenapthy for thier victory against asuras, he recieved the request of deva group and give the born to devasenapathy karthikeya or lord muruga, he done the duty and attain the victory against asuras in war, the day of victory by muruga falls in tamil month thai and this remembers as through thaipooyam festival in muruga temples.

muruga is known as the god of war, the day of thaipooyam mahotsavam haripad is filled with variety of colours, kavadiyattam is the ritual dance form with hand made kavadis, there are different type of kavady, they are made with peacock feathers, paper flowers in different colours etc. the size of the kavady can be change according to its size, child take small kavadies. the kavady beares wears the orange or safforn colour dress during the time of dancing, there are some strict rules follow by the kavady bearres who want to take part in kavadiyattam. kavady bearers chant the song of lord muruga, kavadi bearers bring the kavadii on the shoulders and chant hara haro hara. in 2018 thai pooyam celebrated in 31st january, Wednesday. this is a special worship for lord muruga, this one day festival is a cultural part of this village.

How can we reach?
nearest railway station- haripad and mavelikkara
nearest airport- cochin international airport

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