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Harippad sree subrahmanya swamy temple, place of peacock messages


Harippad sree subrahmanya swami temple, known as southern palni

Harippad sree subrahmanya swami temple is one of the major muruga temples in kerala located in alappuzha district, harippad is known as place of peacock messages by the specialty of the temple and also Harippad sree subrahmanya swami temple known as southern palani, temple is famous for protecting peacocks inside the temple complex, because peacock is the vehicle of lord muruga, except other temples here is two flag pillars, the principal deity is directed towards east direction, the principal deity is in standing posture with four arms. there is a koothambalam inside the temple complex.


lime garland is an important offering to god muruga, it is available inside temple, avani utsavam hosts in malayalam month chingam, chitra utsavam, trikarthika, prathishta day, skanda ashtami, navarathri and thaipooyam days are the other important days in harippad sree subrahmanya swamy temple, it is one of the old temples in kerala built in kerala archiecture.temple is opens from 4.30 am to 12.00 pm for morning rituals and evening rituals start from 5.00 pm to and 8.00 pm. kavadaiyattam is one of the important offering to lord muruga, there are various type of kavadies like pookkavadi, ambalakkavvadi etc, the devotees who take kavadi must follow some strict rules, devotees wearing yellow or saffron costumes. lord muruga is also known as skanda, the name means son of parvathy davi

When you reached at harippad main junction, it is very simple by walk to reach here. private bus services passed through this road some of them ends in mannarasala temple. because these are two near temple we can reach at harippad, the nearby airports are thiruvananthapuram and kochi with distances 98 and 82 km respectively. the nearest railway station is harippad and is well connecting the other major cities in india.
Address: Danapady Rd, Danapadi, Haripad, Kerala 690514

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