Greenix village Fort kochi, heritage center for kerala arts and culture


Greenix village, kerala art forms focus under a single platform

Greenix village Fort kochi
Greenix village Fort kochi

Greenix village is the cultural center located at the small village of ernakulam located at fort kochi. this is the center for exploring the culture of kerala. greenix village in fort kochi is well promotes the ancient culture of kerala and the heritage of kerala with the art forms. the people who are interested wit the cultural art forms of kerala, it will be a great treat for their eyes. our state is rich with some traditional and beautiful art forms which has to says the heritage of our nation. this is a platform to explore the great arts together.


Kathakali, koodiyattam, mohiniyattam, kalaripppyattu, bharathanatyam etc. Kathakali is the ancient art form which got the world attention by means of some unique features belongs to it. there are various costumes belongs to it. kalatippyattu is the another one. koodiyattam is the traditional art form of Kerala which ranked in the heritage list of UNESCO. there are many other features and cultural prominence carried the art forms developed in kerala. this is a best place to know more about the art forms and it well maintained here under a single platform. the cultural museums, book shops, dance theaters, music platform, kalaripppyattu training center.

greenix village Fort kochi, heritage center for kerala arts and cultureis located at a distance of 8 km from ernakulam. there are many tourist avctivites hist. there will be conduct the fusion of kalarippayttu and kathakali together daily at the center. the greenix village Fort kochi, heritage center for kerala arts and culture at fort kochi is also promotes the training of yoga daily. accommodation facilities are available at here. ernakulam is the nearest town to the destination have both the bus station and railway station. kochin international airport is focused a little far from here.

for more details:
Address: C.C. 2/481, Calvathy Rd, Calvathy, Aspinwall Junction, Kunnumupuram, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682001
Phone: 0484 221 7000

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