Gavi ecotourism – some terms and conditions during check in of visitors


Gavi ecotourism, some terms and conditions to the visitors when check in

Gavi ecotourism pictures
Gavi ecotourism pictures

Gavi ecotourism suggests some rules and regulations when visitors come into the forest, it is important to preserve our ecological spots for the comfortable live in earth, nowadays the actions of human beings affecting the balance of our nature, everyone must aware about the consequences after the exploitation of our environment, it is important to save the environment as a part of life, there is a tendency to destroy the spots where ever a man is reach, everybody is not like that, however gavi ecotourism is the soul of ranni forest so that forest department of kerala suggests some terms and conditions to preserve this.

transport bus through gavi
transport bus through gavi


Some of the rules mentioning below

1) Music systems and sound box is not allowed
2) Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited inside gavi
3) There is not allow the food out of area
4) Food will only served in the restaurants
5) Smoking is not allowed
6) when you entered inside the forest it is not possible to go out for any other programs
7) There is a guide to give instructions, kindly co-operate with him
8) Keep quite inside the forest
9) Check out time is 24 hours
10) Don’t take anything from the forest
11) Adapt the less facilities inside the forest
12) Keep the forest clean and tidy

Some things to remember inside the forest

1) Give maximum attention to the child, remember it is a part of tiger reserve
2) Bring a blanket or jacket because of high cold
3) Leeches found in the forest, always keep a little salt, when a leech bit you then you can removed this by use the salt
4)Never bring alcohol and cigarette
Take care about the boating in lake of gavi, don’t take objects when you are in boat.The forest is reserve area,remember this when you are in gavi

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