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Ezhattumugham village tourism, enjoyment at the banks of chalakkudy river

Ezhattumugham villag tourism, an awesome beauty of nature

Ezhattumugham is the tourist village bounded with the greenish lush beauty of ernakulam and near to the waterfalls of athirappalli. The beautiful tourist village blessed with the beauty of chalakkudy river and nature beauty o surrounding places by the real nature beauty. chalakkudy river is the fourth most largest river in kerala which flows its maximum in thrissur district, there is a point which the river is diverged into seven tributaries and hence the place got the name ezhattumugham , literally ezhattumugham means the face of seven rivers. the banks of the river is blessed with the greenery beauty of the nature.

Ezhattumugham village tourism
Ezhattumugham village tourism

The valley of the village become rich with the plenty water of chalakkudy river. tree houses are the main attraction provided here, tree houses literally calls the erumadams, these are the hut like houses which built with woods and other cheap raw materials easily available from the nature, these huts are little above from the sea level and they are mainly built early for escape from the wild animals and also for took care to the farming fields by the farmers, now the tree houses are well preserved as the part of kerala tourism. there are chidren parks are built along with the village as the part of tourism.

Athirappalli waterfalls are the neighboring attraction to this destination, commonly known as the nayagra of kerala, which located at thrissur district, which is 7 km away from the ezhattumugham tourism village. oil palm plantations are bounded the surrounding areas of this village. all over the year is best time to visit the ezhattumugham tourism village. kochi and nedumbassery are the nearest towns to the destination. nedumbassry airport is about 12 km from the destination. ernakulam is the nearest possible railway station and also the bus station.

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