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Eravikulam national park – popular tourist spot in idukki near to munnar

Eravikulam national park, part of anamudi at western ghats

Eravikulam national park idukki
Eravikulam national park idukki

Eravikulam national park is one of the main national parks in kerala, it located as a part of western ghats in idukki district. it is a one of the heritage place in india and hence UNESCO listed this place under the list of world heritage list. the national park aims to reserve the wildlife in still manner. eravikulam national park is maintained and administrated by the kerala forest development department. the plant communities present here is divided into three sub zones, they are grass lands,shrub lands and forests. the grass land located 2000m from sea level. the interesting thing about this place is variety of species lived here.

The highest peak of kerala is anamudi, which is situated in this national park. think about kerala’s highest peak and its beauty, when you reach here you cannot stay back, such a wonderful peak is present here. nilagiri tahr is a one of the rare animal seen in the world, it got the space at red data book, but here is a greater population of nilagiri tahr.there is only pay 15 rupee for adults to visit this place but a foreigner must pay 200 rupee for see this place. if you want a video camera inside the park, it is 2000 rupee necessary for the permission. boar, indian muntjac, sambar deer, nilgiri langur, nilgiri marten, indian procupine, smalll calwed elephant are some of the species located here as a part of eravikulam national park, variety of amphibians also present here. if you reach at eravikulam, don’t miss the following plces. anamudi peak, tea museum, chinnakkanal, pallivasal, echo point etc.

Aluva is the nearest major railway station from here at a distance of 109 km, because there is not not available in idukki district. kochi international airport is the nearest available airway to reach eravikulam.

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