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Edakkal caves, pictorial writings of the history and great paintings

Edakkal caves, favorite attraction point of historians and archaeologists

Edakkal caves hd images
Edakkal caves hd images

Edakkal caves are the two canes together at edakkal, located near to kalpetta in wayanad district, edakkal caves situated in western ghats, ambukuthimala is a famous mounrain range in wayanad, edakkal caves located at aheight 1000 meters from ambukuthimala, it also called three prehistoric caves. it is believed that the caves formed by the natural phenomena, an earthquak cause to the formation of the caves, the name edakkal can be separated as edai kal that means the rock situated in between the rocks, we can see the writings of shilayuga(stone age) on the walls. the pictorial writings on the wall caves says the story of ancient history, kings, queens and also about some animals. this is a pass from mysore to malabar coast via this way.

This historical journey will be a variety thing, it shows the heritage our ancestors, it measures 22 meter width and 98 meter height. it is believed that the carvings and the writings occupies here occupies belong to 3rd BC and may be 6000 years old. there is a point at the bottom of ambukuthimala and the trekking to the caves start from here. peoples can park the vehicles here, there is a huge gap at the right side of the caves at the entrance and steps to the entrance. there is full of dark inside edakkal caves, it is hard to adapt that circumstance, sometimes little sunlight reaches into this through the small gaps, a chisel may used as the tool for creating this pictorial writings of the caves.

Entry Details and Location

Edakkal caves situated 16 km from sultan bathery, wayanad. there is not a railway station in wayanad district, kozhikode is the nearest major railway station. entry fee for indians 20 rupee and foreigner will pay 40 rupee. visitors time is from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm.

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