Eachanari vinayagar temple – celebrating vinayaka chathurthy festival annually


Lord vinayaka as prime deity representing pranav manthra – Eachanari vinayagar temple

Eachanari vinayagar kovil is a popular ganapathy kovil located on the pollachi highway, lord vinayaka symbolizes the pranav manthra as the prime deity of this temple. lord vinayaka is the god of removing all obstacles of all things, so vinayaka known as vighneswara, first and for most deity and represent pranav mantra ohm. Eachanar vinayagar kovil is the example of dravidan style of architecture. the idol of lord vinayaga is very huge one and is the largest vinayaka idol compared to other vinayaka temples in south india which is about 6 feet tall. ganapathy homam ritual hosts every day here.

Eachanari vinayagar kovil is one of the ancient temples which built about 1500 years back. ganesh chathurthy is the most celebrated temple festival in Eachanari vinayagar kovil, that usually falls in august or september, which is the birthday of ganesh lies on tamil month avani. celebrations lasts for ten days. kumbhabhishekam is a ritual which not conducting every year, the most recent kumbhabhishekam was held in 1990. this was not the place decided for constructing the temple, the idol was transported from madurai to perur patteswara temple by cart, but the axle of cart broken here and the idol was installed here as Eachanari vinayagar kovil.


Eachanari vinayagar kovil is located 12 km from Coimbatore so it will easy to locate at the destination, when you reach at Coimbatore you can choose a cab or taxi to reach here. Coimbatore is well connect to other cities by buses, especially TSRTC. private bus service facility also available from here. Coimbatore is the nearest rail head. the closest airport is located at Coimbatore. which is about 3 km from the city on avinash road.

Eachanari vinayagar temple
Eachanari vinayagar temple

Address: Coimbatore to Pollachi NH-209 Road, Eachanari, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641021
Phone: 0422 267 2000

pooja timings:
morning:- 5.30 am to 12.15 pm
evening:- 6.30 pm to 7.15 pm

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