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Dhoni hills and water falls kerala , located at palakkad district

Dhoni hills and waterfalls, combination of wild animals and grassland

Dhoni Waterfalls Palakkad
Dhoni Waterfalls Palakkad

Dhoni waterfall is a famous spot in kerala located at 10 km distance from palakkad, it situated along with western ghats. western ghats is located kerala give the more beauty at this hills. trekking to dhoni hills is giving you a enjoyable journey. post monsoon season is the best time to visit hills. it is full of a greeny atmosphere, the waterfalls flowing inside the forest give an amazing view for the visitors. inside the forest there is a lot of flora fauna. plenty of vegetation available here. a variety of wild animals present here.

The variety species spotted here as follows niligiri Langur, malabar giant squirrel, nilgiri tahr, peshwa’s Bat, hairy-winged bat , tiger, leopard, (panther), leopard cat, jungle cat, fishing cat, common palm civet, small indian civet, brown palm civet, ruddy mongoose, stripe-necked mongoose, dhole, clawless otter, sloth bear, small travancore flying squirrel, indian pangolin, porcupine, wild boar, sambar, spotted deer, barking deer, mouse deer, elephant, Hanuman langur and bonnet macaque nilgiri Wood-pigeon, malabar Parakeet, malabar grey hornbill, white-bellied treepie, grey-headed bulbul, broad-tailed grassbird, rufous babbler, wynaad laughing thrush, nilgiri laughing thrush, nilgiri blue robin, black-and-rufous flycatcher, nilgiri flycatcher, white-bellied blue-flycatcher, crimson-backed sunbird and nilgiri pipit , Ceylon frogmouth , great indian hornbill , long-legged buzzard, sispara, malabar pied hornbill, Pale harrier ,black-and-orange flycatcher and black bulbul. Gaur , Lion-tailed Macaque etc.

This waterfalls located 3 km away from dhoni hill. the water flows through dhoni finally reach at malambuzha. a cattle and goat farm is another attraction of this place. this village is located 15 km away from palakkad town. private vehicle services available from here to reach destination. palakkad railway station located at a distance of 9 km from here. the nearest airport is mangalapuram international airport at a distance of 70 km. staying facilities are available at palakkad and near by places.

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