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Dharmadam island visit – rare island along with dharmadam beach in kannur

Dharmadam island,location access and best time to visit

dharmadam island kannur
dharmadam island kannur

Dharmadom island and beach is located 12 km away from the town. the beach is situated in kannur district. dharmadom island is green island located along with dharmadom beach. travelers can easily access to the island by walking if the tidals are too low other wise choose a boat to access at the island. the beach is surrounded with coconut palms and huge rocks around the beach, visitors got a clear view to dharmadom island from the beach. if you travel to island by foot, there are two things two remember, first one is about the return you must come back during the waves are in low, other wise it will too danger. there is only knee level water during that period bu you must take of the dips in the water.

since 1998 dharmadam island renovated by the government for tourism purposes, before that it owned by a private person. there is a lot of herbs grown in the island. interestingly we cab see a fresh water well in the island. it also the habitat of many species. this vegetation is a great surprise which lies in dharmadam. dharmadam island is sprawled an approximate area of 2 hectares. dharmadam island is early known as dharmapattanam, the name derives during the period of budha in kerala, the honorable chief minister pinarayi vijyan represents dharmadam constituency.

three sides of island covered by anjarakkandy river and western side is separated by arabian sea. the nearest city is kannur which is 20 km away from he spot via NH66, the nearest railway station is located at thalassery which is 5 km away from the island via edappally- panavel highway. the next nearest railway station located at kannur at a distance of 18 km. if you travel 100 km via NH66, it easily connect to the nearest airport at karipur.

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