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Chulannur peafowl sanctuary located in palakkad – accessibility, and features


Chulannur peafowl sanctuary, A rare bird sanctuary in india

Chulannur peafowl sanctuary palakkad
Chulannur peafowl sanctuary palakkad

Chulannur peafowl sanctuary is a rare kind of museum which preserves more than 200 peacocks from the forest. chulannur peacock sanctuary known by K K Neelakandan who was the bird watcher in kerala. Induchoodan is the nick name of k.k neelakandan. he wrote the book about the birds. birds of kerala is a famous book of him. choolannur is small village in palakkad district. this kind of museum is this only one all over india. this sanctuary i established in 14th march 1996 to remember the great ornithologist k k neelakandan.


choolannur peafowl sanctuary has very friendly condition for the peacocks survived here. the another specialty of the sanctuary is the availability of valuable herbs which found at the garden. the actual location of the sanctuary called mayiladumkunnu.This open sanctuary is one of the interesting things in kerala, the preservation of peacocks is very important thing. peacock is the national bird of india since 1963. pavo christasas is the scientific name of peacock.

visitors can reach at this sanctuary by trekking.the sanctuary is conserved by the forest department. there is no entry fee to visit chulannur peafowl sanctuary, which surrounded by the evergreen forests. morning and evening are the best time to visit the peacocks, because the number of peacocks are greater during this time. it sprawling over 200 hectares of blubbery forests.

Chulannur .bird sanctuary is a lesser known bird sanctuary in kerala, but the necessity of conserving the wildlife are very important for the stability of earth. the sanctuary located 30 km away from the palakkad town. many other birds also found in the sanctuary but the peacocks are the main attraction. palakkad railway station is the nearest station to the sanctuary. coimbatore railway station is located 55 km away from here.
Address: Peringottukurissi South, Kerala 678574

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