Choottad beach, one of the best beach in kerala belongs to arabian sea


Choottad beach, located along with backwater tourism of perumba

Choottad beach puthiyangadi
Choottad beach puthiyangadi

Choottad beach is located along with the shores of arabian sea in kannur which lies at a small village named puthiyangady, there are so many beaches are the tourist attraction in kannur. beaches are the identification mark of the district which served best tourism conditions. this is not a well explored beach in kerala however there is a top hill named ezhimala which is highest peak in kannur, this is close to choottad beach in kannur, the top of the hill provides a best view to the awesome shore of arabian sea and some places of kannur. it may considered as one of the best beaches in kerala.


The beach is not only a sea shore but also it offers many other activities in the spot include, the devotional background of the mosque near to the spot, it is a highly noted pilgrimage center for the Muslims. ezhimala is a famous hill station which is surrounded with the green lush and the water of arabian sea. the terrain area of the beach is blessed with coconut palms. perumba backwaters are the neighboring back water tourism of the the journey to the choottad beach is more interesting.

choottad beach is ends at puthiyangadi beach which is very adjacent to the spot, here we can understand the sea shore of kannur is the combination of a series. and hence it got the highest area of sea shore in kerala. there is a children’s park is focused at the chootad beach which offers entertaining for the child by the small riding things in it. kannur is the nearest major city to connect through rail and road, it situated 27 km away from the location. calicut international airport has 142 km distance from the spot.
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Address: Puthiyangadi Beach Road, Puthiyangadi Main Rd, Kannur, Kerala 670304
Phone: 097477 71666

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