Chilanthi ambalam or palliyara sree bhagavathy temple kodumon


Chilanthi amabalam – location, history and pooja timings

Palliyara sree bhagavathy temple is a prominent temple in kerala which became unique by the unique feature. this is a sacred temple which treating the peoples suffered by the poison of the spider and hence its known as chilanthi ambalam or the spider temple, chilanthi ambalam is also known as palliyara sree bhagavathy temple. the temple located 11 km from pathanamthitta. the temple is lies at a small village called kodumon in pathanamthitta district. there is well named as chilanthikinar or the spider well, the water from the holy well cures the skin diseases and the poison of the insects. this is one of the oldest temples in kerala it is believed that the temples is 1500 years old.

Chilanthi ambalam kodumon
Chilanthi ambalam kodumon


There is a wonderful story behind the origin of the temple, there was a king named vikraman who belongs to chenneerkara swaroopam in old days, the king vikrama was expert in ayurvedic treatments and the secret methods, there was a rich collection of ayurvedic plants in his palace, unfortunately he don’t have sons, only three daughters. he worried so much about the successor of the kingdom and ayurvedic heritage. his two elder daughters were dead by some diseases.the younger one goes as a saint in the palliyara of the palace. she was still in meditation there was a spider with her, after the death of the princess the spider became as beautiful goddess in the palliyara of the palace. the palliyara is later served as the temple and the spider worshiped as the prime deity in the chilanthi ambalam.

The annual festival of the temple is falls in malayalam month vrichikam it celebrates in a grand level. pathanamthitta and adoor are the nearest bus stations from chilanthi ambalam. the nearest rail head is located at karunagappalii at a distance of 38 km and the nearest airpport is trivandrum is about 98 km from chilanthi ambalam.

pooja timings:

morning: 6.00 am to 11.30 am
evening : 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm

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