Chettikulangara devi temple, one of the 108 famous devi temples in Kerala


Chettikulangara devi temple kumbha bharani is the great festival in the temple

Chettikulangara devi temple
Chettikulangara devi temple

Chettikulangara devi temple is popular devi temple located in alappuzha district,worshiping goddess bhagavathy.there is a unique feature belongs to this temple by the different forms of goddess bhagavathy in different pooja timings, goddess bhagavathy appears as mahasaraswathy in morning, mahalakshmi in noon and maha bhadrakali in the evening, the temple is administrates and maintains by travancore devaswom board the temple is the second largest one under the travancore devaswom board.

chettikulangara devi temple is one of the ancient temple in kerala it is about 1200 years old. the temple showing the traditional style of kerala architecture. it is believed that the temple was established by lord parasurama and this is one of the 108 durga temples installed by lord parasurama. there is an interesting thing about the rituals for three forms off durga, in morning cherupayasam prepared in morning for mahaswraswathy, palpayasam offered for mahalakshmi and neypayasam for mahakali.


A maajor part of the rice offered to the bhagavathy for the local devotees used to make appam and aravana in sabraimala temple. the temple has a greater annual earnings per year. annual festival is the most celebrated festival in the temple which is known as chettikulangara bharani, this is one of the most famous temple festivals in kerala. it usually comes in kumbham of Malayalam month(february or march). the highlight of the festival is the keetukazhcha which showing the demo of horse and ox also the characters from the great hindu epics, this is a colorful festival of kerala and cultural festival of this village.

parayeduppu, karthika festival and aswathy festival are the other festivals. chettikulangara devi temple is located close to mavellikkara town so that it will easy to locate at mavelikkara bus station and railway station, the nearest airport located at cochi is about 85 km via alappuzha.

pooja timings:

morning:5.30 am to 12.00 pm
evening: 5.00 am to 8.00 pm

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