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Cheruthoni dam located in idukki district – largest concrete gravity dam in kerala

Cheruthoni dam, location, accessibility and features

cheruthoni dam idukki
cheruthoni dam idukki

Cheruthoni dam is the part of idukki hydro electric project located in the vazhathope panchayath in idukki district. there are two dams served along with idukki dam, they are cheruthoni and kulamavu. idukki is the highest hydro electric power project in kerala. the tail water of these three dams are saved in a single reservoir, it sprawling an area about 60 km in the spot. the dam is about 138 meter height and it located 1 km to the idukki dam, idukki dam is the first double curvature dam in india. cheruthoni dam is established in 1976 and the cheruthoni is the largest concrete gravity dam in kereala.

Cheruthoni dam is built across periyar river, by the help of Canada government. the dam is situated about 3000 meter above from the sea level. the spillway of idukki dam is in the cheruthoni dam. kulamavuu dam was built for preventing the water through rivulet. cheruthoni and kulamvu dams are the two hands of idukki dam. these three dams forming an artificial lake, this water is used to produce the electricity in moolamattam hydro electric station. moolamattam is the first hydro electric power project in kerala. the boating in the lake is arranged by KSEB.

Water is the main source of producing electricity in kerala. kerala state electricity board maintains the project developed in the dam. idukki has the record of having the greater number of hydroelectric projects and periyar includes the maximum number of projects in kerala. the dam is very adjacent to painavu, the district head quarters of idukki. the dam is open fro the visitors daily 10 to 5. the nearest cities are kumily and kattappana which easily connects to the other cities of kerala. the nearest railway stations are theni in tamilnadu and kottayam in kerala. cochin international airport have 99 km distance from idukki

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