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Chenna kesava swami temple, One of the 24 forms of lord vishnu


Chenna kesava swami temple, origin of the temple and pooja timings

Chenna kesava swami temple is a famous krishna temple in Karnataka. this temple is one of the ancient hindu temples in India which built around 12th century. the temple structure is extremely follows hoysala style of architecture. the chenna kesava swami temple is the contributions of the old emperors who early ruled south India. the chenna kesava swami temple is also known as keshava kesava temple or vijayanarayana temple of belur. the temple located at the banks of yagachi river. it was the head quarters of hoysala kingdom.

Chenna kesava swami temple
Chenna kesava swami temple


the chenna kesava refers the handsome posture of lord krishna. the architecture of the temple is very wondering it attracts the visitors and the devotees, the temple structure carved out from the soap stone. the star shaped ground is the star attraction of the temple structure.

There is an interesting story behind the origin of the temple according to the legends it is said that the king vishnuvardhana had dream about lord keshava during his night stay at the budan forest and decided to construct channa kesava temple at belur, but he separated the lord from his consort living on the baba budan hills, it is believed that the lord regularly travels to the hills for meeting his consort. so that the local cobbler community presents a pair of fresh sandals everyday at the alter of the shrine. it believes that the sandals get disappeared after being presented the lord.

Belur is the nearest city to the temple which easily connects by the pubic buses. the nearest rail head focused at Hassan is about 40 km away. the nearest airport is the mangalore international airport located at a distance of 153 km. the temple timings start at 9.00 am till 1.30 pm. 3.30 to 8.30 is the evening pooja schedule at the temple.

Address: Hassan District, Belur, Karnataka 573115

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