Chakkulathukavu ponkala mythology – origin of pongala & temple


when the ponkala offering started at neerettupuram – Chakkulathukavu ponkala mythology

Chakkulathukavu devi temple located at neerrettupuram in alappuzha district, mythology can read from here. this is one of the ancient temple in kerala. there are lot of myths behind the origin of the temple and ponkala offering. how this temple influenced us by the great mythology behind the origin and ponkala. it was a great forest which the temple belongs to, there was a tribe and his family settled in the dense forest.

  • date of pongala fest at chakkulam devi temple is 12th december, karthika star of malayalam calendar vrishcikam

once during the time of hunting his arrow was strike on a soil heap, there was formed a flow of a water source from the soil, it was a continuous flow, then tribe realized about the devotional spirit of goddess durga, so that the name got neeru attiya puram, which means the origin of water source, later it transformed into neerettupuram.

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The tribe man and his family established the spirit of goddess durga in the dense forest, so that the main deity of the temple also called vanadurga. since then the family of the tribe man worshiped the devi very well. they offer the food daily before ate, once they become suffered with starvation, the family became worried. the man pardon to the devi about his situation, but the wondering was they got the food by the blessings of durga, she satisfied by the devotion of them, she says that i will always with the the people who devoting me. this is the mythology behind the chakkulathukavu ponkala, then the ponkala offering initiated there.

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Chakkulathukavu ponkala mythology
Chakkulathukavu ponkala mythology

after making the ponkala nivedyam, the priest will dedicate it to goddess, after that the devotees who take part in the festival bring it back to the home. ponkala offering is mainly aim to cure the diseases and for getting the peace and happiness everywhere. ponkala is the festival that only ladies participate inn it.

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