chakkulathukavu ambalam festival – A clarification of the instructions following


what are the instructions following in chakkulathukavu on the festival

Chakkulathukavu devi temple become more rush during the festival days especially on the previous day of ponkala. lady devotees reach here before offer the ponkala, it must need the permission of goddess durga to worship the ponkala. it is belief, so that lady devotees flows here on the previous day and before two or three days of chakkulam ponkala. the temple authority take care of managing the crowd at the temple so the men are not allowed in the previous day of ponkala for half day before. men must follow this instructions strictly by the temple authority. there are some instructions following in chakkulathukavu on the day of ponkala.

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The things needed to dedicate the 12ponkala are bring themselves, otherwise it will be get from the temple by taking the receipt. devotees must take care of the instructions following in chakkulathukavu by the police force on the day. don’t make the interruptions for traffic during the event. obey the advises of management committee and the kerala police. ponkala mahotsavam will be held on karthika day of malayalam month vrichikam. panthrand noyamb mahotsavam started on first day of malayalam month dhanu. 12 noyamb mahotsavam is the annual festival conducts in the temple.

Chakkulathukavu ambalam
Chakkulathukavu ambalam

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on the day of first dhanu the events start after hoisting the flag, naree pooja will be conduct on 7 dhanu. devotees who wish to bring the kavadi and karakam of 12 noyamb festival must follow the strict penance, they wear mala on the first dhanu with great devotion. ammachikavadi is also a highlight of the temple, devotees can also be participate in this event after taking the penance. the temple and surroundings are strictly prohibited of the beggars, because of the large crowd there will be a possibility of losing your valuable things, so that care it well. temple authority is not responsible for the losses.

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