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Chain tree, says about the discovery of route to wayanad ghat

chain tree, location and history of the tree

Chain tree wayanad
Chain tree wayanad

chain tree is a huge tree in wayand located on the way to lakkidi located along with wayand pass. a massive chain is hanging on the tree which is locally known as changalamaram and a little temple is located adjacent to the tree. it is believed that the tree has some devotional prominence in this place. it is believed that the tree saves the peoples who passing through wayanad ghat pass. peoples must stop at this point to achieve the blessings from the chain tree. there is a historical story about the chain of this tree.

the story is close relate with karithandan was a tribe who lived in wayand.Karinthandan belong to the paniya group of tribes lived in 18th century, he was an intelligent man, once viceroy announced notification about the innovation of new route from wayand to thamarassery, he gave a great contribution to found that way. this incident is happened during the period of British he innovate the way through dense forests. after discovering the tough route the British engineer cheat him to got the credits of the discovery. the engineer killed karinthandan.

after that many accidents occurred on that way. people believes that was by the ghost of karimthandan. finally a priest caught the soul of karimthanadan and tapped on a tree and holds with huge steel chain. however the situation became cool after hold the soul. Now the tree is very tall and it is believed that chin is growing according to the growth of tree. the small temple is called muneeswaran temple. people give offering to the deity, it believes that the tree saves the people from all dangers when you stop and prey him.

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