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Birla Mandir – The white marble architecture dedicate to venkiteswara


Birla mandir, a popular temple in Telangana state

Birla mandir is extremely a white structure located at the southern direction of Hussian sagar lake. birla mandir is a hindu temple now focused in Telangana state. the temple is located about 280 feet on a hill rock. the white background around the temple giving a feel of pleasant and peace. the temple architecture is an adaptation from many other cultures like dravida, rajsthani and uthkala. the secret behind the temple is pure marble. birla mandir Hyderabad is a magic which carved in the pure marble, it made with approximately by 2000 tons of white marble. the temple is not an ancient one it made only by taking 10 years in 20th century by birla foundation. birla mandir Hyderabad was opened by swami ranganathananda of ramakrishna mission in 1976.

The prime deity of birla mandhir is lord venkateswara, the prime deity is installed in lotus which is made with marble and covered by umbrella form. the unique feature of the temple it don’t hold the temple bell, the absence of the temple bell provide a better atmosphere for the meditation. pathmvathy andd andal are the consorts of lord venkateswara. it installed in separate positions. the sub deities of the temple are shiva, sakti,brahma,lakshmi,swarswathy, ganesh etc.


Birla Mandir Pooja timings
Birla Mandir Pooja timings

It is not an ancient temple which built in 1976, it took 10 years to complete the work of birla mandhir by birla foundation. this is actually a sculpture made from the pure marble, the main idol is made with granite, there is also a brass flagstaff inside the temple. birla mandhir is well connected by the services of APRTC buses. it located very close to Hyderabad railway station which is about 3 km. Hyderabad has rail, train and bus services well offered at this place.

Address: Hill Fort Rd, Ambedkar Colony, Khairatabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500004
Phone: 040 2345 0165

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