Bhoothalingaswami temple, close relate to indian ramayana – bhoothapandy


Bhoothalingaswami kovil, popular for celebrating thai festival and chithirai

Bhoothalingaswami kovil is located at the southern region of the country, which situated at kanyakumari district in tamilnadu state. bhoothalingaswami is the prime deity worship in the temple which is a form of lord shiva. bhoothalingaswami kovil located at the foot of thadakamali hill regions and at the banks of pazhaiyar river. the prime deity in the temple also known as salian kanda thirumani. lord shiva is worshiped as the bhoothalingam. it is believed that this place is closely associate with the indian epic ramayana, according to this it was the place where rama quelled thadagai. lord parvathy is worshiped as shivagami ambal. the idol of nandi also present here.

Bhoothalingaswami kovil built inside a cave, it is believed that the idol of bhoothalingaswami is self manifested one. vinayagar, dakshinamoorthy swami, sree sastha, sandeekeswarar are the sub deities. bhoothalingaswami kovil is one of the ancient temple in south india which is built 600 years back during the period of chola dynasty. there is a huge chain at this temple which is made up of stone. lord ganesha is a very powerful deity in the temple. there are many devotees reach at the temple to fulfill their ambitions. it has an amazing architecture with beautiful sculptures.


Bhoothalingaswamy Temple Bhoothappandi
Bhoothalingaswamy Temple Bhoothappandi

Thai festival is the main event host here on tamil month thai which usually falls in january or february, car festival is the event belongs to this festival. temple car of this temple is very old one and having high weight. chithirai festival is also celebrate in a grand way at this temple. bus services are easily available from nagarcoil to the spot. it also connect to the main cities. nearest rail head is also at nagarcoil. there is about 9 km distance with these two places.

pooja timings:-
morning- 4.00 am to 11.00 pm
evening- 4.00 pm to 7.30 pm


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