Bhimashankar Temple – worshiping lord shiva as in the concept of jyothirlinga


Bhimashankar Temple- located at the end of sahyadri, A wildlife sanctuary

The sacred place dedicate to lord shiva most commonly known as the jyothirlingas. there are 12 jyotirlingas totally exist all over the country. as in the same way a holy shrine located along with western ghats in pune popular as Bhimashankar Temple. it is also known as the origin of river bhima. Bhimashankar Temple is now as the part of wildlife sanctuary. so that greater number of peoples headed to that destination in recent days.Bhimashankar Temple located at bhorgiri village near pune. this is one of the most visited religious centers in india. it has a great tradition of nagara architecture.

Bhimashankar Temple
Bhimashankar Temple


The holy water source belongs to the temple is called moksha thirtha located behind the mandir and which is associated with rishi kaushika. sarvathirtha and kusharanaya thirtha are other twoo water sources adjacent to this. kusharanaya thietha is the source of origin of bhima river, which flows in south east direction and the one of the tributary of river krishna actually the temple located inside the dense forest and the end of sahyadri hills so that it will giving an amazing view of nature too. Bhimashankar Temple is a good example of nagara style of architecture however it also showing the brilliance of aryan style.

According to hindu mythology it says that the idol of shiva is a self manifested one. jyothilonga is placed at the center of sanctum sanatorium at low level. it also have the beautiful carvings from hindu legends. mahasivarathri is the main festival celebrate here.

By Air – Pune international airport is the nearest one located at a distance of 107 km from Bhimashankar Temple
By Train- Pune is the closest rail head to the mandir well connecting main cities of India
By Bus – Bus services are easily available from kalayan in mumbai and shivaji nagar in pune.

Pooja schedule:-
Morning- 4.30 am to 12.30 pm
Evening- 3.30 pm to 7.30 pm

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