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Beypore beach Kozhikode – history, location, visiting time and tourist attractions

beypore beach, a historical beach at kozhikode

Beypore beach Kozhikode
Beypore beach Kozhikode

Beypore beach is one of the popular beach located at kozhikode. this is the best place to enjoy the beauty of arabian sea. it situated at the jaw of chaliyar river. if you choose this place to have fresh air from the polluted places and also have the refreshment. the silvery sands of the beach is atypical place for long walk along the sea shore. situated 15 km away from town. the beach has a prominent place in the history of salt strike in 1930, as the participation in the strike, this was the courtesy for northern kerala as the part of the civil law prevention.

by muhammad abdul rhman in malabar regions. he known as kerala subhash chandra bose. beypore beach was the location.Coconut trees are overlap the surroundings, the interesting thing according to the beach is, chaliyar river, the fourth longest river in kerala. it says that the river has the deposit of gold which finally joins at arabian sea this spot is very close to beypore beach. beypore is not only a beach but also it is a trading center. the beypore uru is very famous, this is huge boats made with woods and is used for fishing and trading purposes in ancient days.

Pulimuttu is another main attraction of beypore beach, which is a rock pier to used as a walkway. this longest structure is used to walk for the peoples who reach here to enjoy the beach and surroundings. beypore light house is also famous. the beach is located at the south most direction of kozhikode city which is 10 km away from the city. it easy to get the buses to other cites from here and also the regular buses connect to beach from city. kozhikode railway station situated 10 km away from beypore beach.

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