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Bekal fort beach, location, features and best time to visit

Bekal fort beach, a beautiful beach in kasargod

Bekal fort beach images
Bekal fort beach images

Bekal fort beach is one of thee tourist attractions in kasargode, located at the shore of arabian sea along with north malabar region in kerala. i attracts the visitors from all over country by its scenic beauty and the back water tourism. kasargod is usually known as the earth of god’s it offers too many tourist attraction in addition to the beach. kasargod is the north most district of kerala and the last formed one in 1984. the main attraction of this beach is the occurrence of erumadams which are the small sheds built little above from the earth level, is commonly called erumadams in malayalam. which offers a picturesque beauty from that point and also feel the experience with breeze usually in evening times.

Many people reach at the bekal fort beach to spend the evening timings, sometimes for a long walk which provides a relaxation from all busy schedules. it sprawling an area about 35 acres. the main attraction about bekal fort beach is definitely about the bekal fort located very adjacent to the beach, is one of the ancient beaches in kerala. the wave of the arabian sea is always touching the walls of the fort at every moment. the fort covers more than 40 acres. it was used during the period of British for the martial purposes.

September to march is the best time to visit bekal fort beach. bekal fort beach is situated 15 km away from the destination. from kasarogd it can easily access to other cities of kerala and interstates too. Kasargod railway station is the most comfortable rail head to other cities of india which is 16 km away from the bekal fort beach.The nearest airport is located at mangalore which is 50 km away from the destination point, if you reach at mangalore airport it will easily connect the major cities of india.

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