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Bay island driftwood museum kumarakam in kottayam – A rare museum in india

Bay island driftwood museum, location history and entry details

bay island driftwood museum
bay island driftwood museum

Bay island driftwood museum is located at a small village in kumarakam in kottayam, which exhibits a large collection of sculptures which made with wood. this type of museum is very rare one in india and hence it has a very prominent value and maintains very well by the authorities. this cylindrical shape architecture includes a rare sculptures made in the root of the tree. these wood products are innovative modern art form. when you visit the museum you can see the variety sculptures which includes some animals, birds, insects, humans etc. this is two storied building established in 2001.

The museum got the world attention because of its uniqueness, this type of museum is very rare and hence it listed under the limca book of world records. the objects are collected from the shore of bay of bengal. it may be the cause of the secret behind the name of this museum. during the professional period of a lady teacher in andman nicobar archipelago, she pick up the wood sculptues deposited at the shore of bay of bengal. some of these are very old. she try to maintain this wood works maintains well. it is a very heavy process. if you are intersted in wood arts you must visit the bay island driftwood museum once when you reach at kumarakam. know more things about this magic of woods when you get real feeling at the sight. 50 rupee must pay for the entry.

The bay island driftwood museum is open for the visitors daily 10.00 am to 5.00 pm, except monday. there is a time variation in Sundays it only opens 11’o clock in Sundays. when you travel 16 km from kumarakam you can easily reach at kottayam, there is a railway station and bus station for comfortable journey. cochin international airport is 94 km away from bay island driftwood museum.

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