Azhagiya manavala perumal temple, lord vishnu as main deity with lakshmi


azhagiya manavala perumal kovil, history, architecture and festivals

Azhagiya manavala perumal kovil is a popular and ancient temple in india located at trichy of tamilnadu state. the principal deity of azhagiya manavala perumal temple is lord vishnu. this considered as the sacred place for lord vishnu and one of the main temple dedicate to lord vishnu. hence it popular as one among the 108 divya desams. azhagiya manavala perumal kovil is a very ancient structure is magical structure evolved from granite. the structure of the temple provides not only a devotional spirit but also a spectacular treat for the visitors. it built by following Dravidian style of architecture during the period of chola dynasty.

Azhagiya manavala perumal kovil also called as thirukozhi and nachiyar kovil. granite wall is the star attraction, there is five tiered rajagopram built with it. the prime deity of this temple is lord vishnu as azhagiya manavala with his consort lakshmi devi as kamalavalli, the intresting feature about goddess, this is the only temple host goddess kamalavalli to the northern direction. there are six daily rituals performed in the temple. it also famous for hosting the festivals. serthi sevai is a popular festival hosts on march or april months. dolotsava is also conduct in the same season. vasantholsava and navarathri are the main other festivals hosts in the temple.


Azhagiya manavala perumal temple
Azhagiya manavala perumal temple

The prime deity installed in a sitting posture, there are many amazing painting can be seen inside the temple which are adopted from the stories of indian hindu mythology. there are weakly, monthly and for nightly rituals performed here. azhagiya manavala perumal kovil is located in the trichy city at woraiyur. trichy central bus stand and chaithiram bus stands easily connect to other main cities by road. trichy is also the nearest rail head. the nearest possible airport located at trichy at a distance of 7 km.

Temple timings:-
morning- 6.30 am to 12.00 noon
evening- 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm

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