Azhagar kovil madurai, ever burning lamp – at the banks of holy vaigai river


popular as one among the 108 divya desams – Azhagar kovil madurai

Azhagar kovil madurai is dedicate to lord Vishnu and commonly known as sacred place for vishnu as divya desam. there are 108 divyadesams in tamil nadu and this is one among this. it is is one of the ancient structure built during the age of pandyas. it follows a darvidan style of architecture. lord vishu as prime deity and worshiped as azhagar and his consort lakshmi as madura valli. lord shiva is also worshiped in the temple equivalent to the prime deity. sanctified eternal lamp is the highlight of azhagar kovil which is ever burning in the shrine. the idol of prime deity made of granite, there is a hall belongs to the temple which also made by granite.

according to the hindu mythology it says that lord vishnu came here to attend the marriage of parvathy as her brother in the form of azhgar, and then he falls down to the water of holy water vaigai river. temple has an amazing architecture which has fiver tier rajagopuram. which spreading an area about 2 acres. rajagopuram is huge one. the huge granite wall is surrounding the temple. main deity lord vishnu in the sanctum in three different forms as sitting, standing and reclining postures. idols of goddess are also installed together with the prime deity. there are beautiful paintings seen in the inner sanctum.


Azhagar kovil madurai pooja offerings
Azhagar kovil madurai pooja offerings

Lakshmi narasimha, rama, krishna, lakshmi narayana are installed as main sub deities in azhagar kovil. roof of the temple called ashtaga vimana, which has eight parts, this is rare structure. chithirai thiruvizha is the main festival hosts here, during this event azhwar entering to the vaigai river on full moon day of tamil month chithirai. brhamotsavam is other main festival that lasts for fourteen days in tamil month vaigasi. it will easy to locate at the destination by roads from madurai bus stand at a distance of 23 km. madurai is also the nearest rail head and also the airport.

temple timings:-
morning- 6.30 am to 12.30 am
evening- 3.30 pm to 7.30 pm

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