Attukal pongala 2018 date and specialties – Kwon as Sabarimala of women


Attukal devi temple pongala mahotsavam – annual temple festival at attukal

Attukal devi temple got the world attention y its richness of celebrating ponkala festival. ponkala is conducted along with the ten day festival usually falls in malayalam month makaram and kubham and may be in february or march months in gregorian calendar. ponkala is one of the main offering in kerala especially in southern kerala, this is the holy process of making the sweet dish with rice and jaggery by following strict vratas by ladies. attukal ponkala has the record by the participation of greater number of ladies. the prime deity of this temple is kannaki. the ponkala offering is a great ceremony in attukal.

Attukal pongala is the most celebrated festival of this temple, which attracts women from all parts of India. around thousands of women devotees throng together on the day of pongala with their offerings to the Goddess and to seek blessings. The festival commences on Karthika day of Malayalam month popularize all over the world about the kerala heritage through the guinness world records,by the participation of greater number ladies in a temple fest.pongala is prepared by rice cooked with jaggery, ghee, coconut as well as other ingredients like cardamom etc,it made in an open small pot.attukal pongala 2018 will be conducted in 2nd march, Friday.


attukal pongala mahotsavam held for ten days from 22nd february 2018 to 3rd march 2018. kuthiyottam is another high light of ten day temple festival. all malayalam channels like asianet news, mathrubhumi, amrita, kerala vision etc will give the live coverage from the pongala spot. attukal ponkala is the symbol of prosperity of this place. goddess bhagavathy will cure all the problems of devotees by worshiping ponkala offerings. attukal is most commonly known as the sabarimala of women.

Attukal pongala 2018 date
Attukal pongala 2018 date

2018 attukal ponkala highlights:-
aduppu kathikkal(lighting of pongala hearths)- 2nd march friday, 10.15 am
ponkala nivedyam(sanctification of ponkala)- 2nd march friday, 2.30 pm

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