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Attukad waterfalls idukki district – located between pallivasal and munnar

Attukad waterfalls, tourism attraction and visiting hours

Attukal Waterfalls Idukki Location
Attukal Waterfalls Idukki Location

Attukad waterfalls, one of the best scenic waterfalls in kerala which lies in the munnar hill regions. munnar is known as the Switzerland of kerala. which has to serve the many natural beauty along with western ghats in idukki. munnar is obviously treat the visitors by the greenish lush beauty and also by an experience of trekking. the flow of the waterfall through the rolling hills it look like the secret journey of a waterfall through the narrow way of huge rocks. attuakad waterfalls located in between pallivasal and munnar. pallivasal is the first hydro electric project in kerala, which is the neighboring tourist spot to the attuakd waterfalls. munnar hill stations are also welcomes you to enjoy the natural beauty.

Attukad waterfalls, is surrounded with the dense forest and this adjacent forest give more beauty to attukad waterfalls by the greenery scenes. attuakd literally means the forest of wild. as the n=mentioned the waterfalls is actually lies at the middle of jungle. this place is definitely a challenging one for the adventurous seekers by the great opportunities off trekking. the long way of trekking. Monsoon season is the best time to visit the waterfalls because during this period it will got high force and producing white froth by the heavy force of the waterfall in monsoon season.

When you plan a trip to munnar you give an attention to this place for enjoy the trekking experience. especially in monsoon days, it is great treat for your eyes. munnar is the nearest city to connect by buses, this is the major station near to the destination. Aluva is the nearest rail head to attukad waterfalls and munnar, which is 102 km away. Cochin international airport is the nearest airport in kerala and madurai is the closest airport which lies in tamilnadu at a distance of 160 km

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