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Athirappalli waterfalls thrissur – one of the biggest waterfall in kerala

Athirappalli waterfalls, nayagra of kerala at chalakkudy

Athirappalli waterfalls kerala
Athirappalli waterfalls kerala

Athirappalli waterfall located 60 km away from thrissur city, this is a highly frothy waterfalls in kerala. a greenly atmosphere welcomes you to the athirappalli waterfalls, athirappally waterfalls located 1000 feeet from sea level in chalakkudy river, it located along with western ghats and at the entrance of sholayar a wild range. it located only 32 km away from chalakkudy, it is considered the chalakkudy as the home town of athirappalli. during the monsoon the monsoon season the journey to athirappalli waterfalls become more stronger and the flow of water i these times will change your mind to a different location. the white forth of the water drops look like a mist, when it falls down at the rocks makes the voice like a melodious music.

The water falls down in through this stream flows as the part of chalakkudy river and finally reach at arabian sea. It also a part of athirappally forest range which reveals a variety animals, birds and other species. the peculiarity of this water fall is, it will not be dry. it will always with plenty of water, sot that there is a nice view all over the days in an year. however the best time is from september to january to visit the water fall. visiting time allow from daily 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. trekking is also available to view this forest beauty.

The town close to athirappalli is chalakudy located at a distance of 32 km and the nearest railway station is also chalakkudy, this is a major station to connect the different places of the country. the most comfortable airport is at cochi is about 40 km away from here. river rafting activity is provide here, people who like adventure will be the part of this. when you get a chance to see this wild beauty don’t miss it.

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