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arthunkal perunnal date – popular church of saint sebastian located in alappuzha

Arthunkal st.andrew’s basilica, located at alappuzha

Arthunkal Perunnal Date
Arthunkal Perunnal Date

Arthunkal is a well known basalican church in kerala, the principal deity is st.sebastian who was the second alter of lord ayyappa in childhood, he came arthunkal to learning kalari, he the place of religious friendship. arthunkal lies at the coast of arabian sea in cherthala taluk. the church is officially known as st.andrew’s forane church, the church was built by the portugese missionaries in 16th century. the interesting fact is about the church is the arrival of other faith devotees.

Arthunkal perunnal s a holy event takes place at the church during the annual fest, the annual festival is lasts for 17 days, the event takes place in january month 10 to 27 every year. the specialty of the day is taken out the idol of principal deity saint sebastian, then it to alappuzha beach and back, this is special offering by the devotees they crawl on the knees all over the way from beach to church, the statue is get locked in a safe, a small statue is processed for the rituals by the devotees 40 years this is called urulu nercha. 20th day of the fest known as ettam perunnal.few years back the former church was formed by coconut palm leaves and wood. bow and arrow is a special offering to saint sebastian.

Devotees from ayyappa temple visit the church also, many of the devotees reach here to remove the hacocarpus bed chains at the altar, some of the legends says that ayyappa and saint sebastian are brothers but some history says they are only friends. The church is located 7 km from cherthala and 22 km from north of alappuzha. the nearest railway station is cherthala and the airport is cochin international airport about 70 km away.
2018 arthunkal perunnal date : 100 january wednesday to 26 january friday

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