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Aripara waterfalls located in Kozhikode – a less known beautiful waterfall in kerala

Aripara waterfalls, tributary to iruvazhanjipuzha in kozhikode

Aripara waterfalls Kozhikode
Aripara waterfalls Kozhikode

Aripara waterfalls is beautiful waterfalls is a beautiful picnic spot located in kozhikode district close to iruvazhanji puzha. the waterfalls is the tributary to iruvazhanji puzha. iruvazhanji river is a background behind the story of moideen and kanchanamala which beutifully established in the movie ennu ninte moideen directed by r.s vimal in 2015. aripara and thusharagiri are the adjacent waterfalls it located only 12 km from arippara. aripara is literally means rock of rice. there are plenty water pools situated along with aripara waterfalls. this look like little water lies in a beaker. the water occupying in the pool is very cold.

Aripara waterfalls is located in thiruvambady panchayath of kozhikode district. there is a lot of elephantine rocks lies in the waterfall and the river. the beautiful waterfall is falls down after passing through the huge rocks and finally reach at iruvazhanji puzha. at the final stage of flow iruvazhanji falls into arabian sea. this waterfall is a less known waterfall in kerala, the tourism development programs are in its initial stage and the government plans a hydro electric project along with the waterfalls and the river. you must pay 5 rupee for the entry and pay 25 rupee if you bring a camera.

During the monsoon season you must take care because the water level become high but the security guards are available at the spot. during monsoon season aripara waterfalls reveals its milky white beauty in the wild. you can enjoy the waterfall during monsoon season only by following the instructions of the security guards. you can access to the destination via NH766, the towns which are close to the spot is thiruvambady. kozhikode is the nearest major city having both railway station and a bus station, which located 22 km away. calicut international airport is a distance from aripara waterfalls

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