Aranmula vallasadya list of dishes, how to book valla sadya vazhupadu ?


Aranmula parthasarathy temple and mass feast vallasadya

vallasadya at aranmula
vallasadya at aranmula

Aranmula is a temple village in pathanamthitta district at a distance of 15 km via thiruvalla kumbazha highway,it is situated along the river of pamba.the aranmula parthasarathy temple is one of the krishna temple at aranmula and god krishna known here at a posture of sarathy of partha which means at the time of Mahabharata war krishna was the guide of arjuna for the team of pandavas.aranmula vallasadya is a heavy vegetarian feast conducting here. aranmula vallasadya is conducted during the time of boat race in pamba which celebrated for the birthday of lord krishna that is in ashtamirohini .

  • Aranmula Valla Sadya 2019 Date – 31 July 2019 to 02 October 2019

vallasadya items

coupon for valla sadya aranmula
coupon for valla sadya aranmula


There are more than 100 dishes served with rice served on the banana leaf the followings are the main items in aranmula vallasadya includes adaprathaman (Pudding), Aravana payasam (Pudding made from rice, Jaggerry and ghee), Aval (flattened rice), Avial (Mixed vegetable curry), Banana chips, Chammanthi powder (Chutney with chillies), Chukku vellum (dried ginger water), Curd; Ellunda (gingelly ball), Fried banana,Ghee,Ginger curry,Holy water from river Pamba.

Kaalhen (curry made from curds), Kaalipazham payasam (Pudding made of banana),Kalkandum (Sugar candy), Kadala Prathaman (made of Bengal gram) ,Kychadi (Curry made of rice and gram), Mango curry; Munthiri pachadi (Curry made grapes), Olen(mixedcurry),Pacchadi (A vegetable curry), Paal payasm (Pudding made of Milk), Pachamoru,Pulisserry (Curry prepared with thick and sour buttermilk), Resam,Red Cheera Thoran (made with a variety of amaranthus), Sambar, Thakara Thoran (Thoran with cassia tora), Unniappam.

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aranmula vallasadya
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The dish we want is loudly asking through the song and hence people can got it if there is not song they did not get it.aranmula vallasadya giving the total picture about the kerala culture and it says to the world about culture of kerala.valla sadya organized by the Palliyoda Seva Sanghom (PSS) in association with the Travancore Devaswom Board. valla sadya and celebrations starting from From Saturday 15th of July 2017 to Monday 2nd of October 2017 (80 days)this is not only a normal feast but also the dedication to lord parthasarathy.

  1. i need a pass to attend vallasadya at aranmula partha sarathy temple this year

    1. viju says

      You can go to Aranmula any day and get a coupen from Devotees who offer Sadya. 99% You will get.

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