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Aralam wildlife sanctuary kannur situated at the slope of western ghats

Aralam wildlife sanctuary, north most sanctuary in kerala

Aralam wildlife sanctuary kannur
Aralam wildlife sanctuary kannur

Aralam wildlife sanctuary is one of the preservation center of wild animals in kerala, located at the north most of kerala. the aralam wildlife sanctuary located at the slope of western ghats. it spread over an area of 55 square kilometer. the sanctuary located 1100 km from sea level, it covers a variety of flaura and fauna, the tropical evergreen forests are the back bone of greenish behind the aralam wild life sanctuary. the preservation area tat belong to the northern area of forest division in palakkad, and the area of 55 sq km conserved as aralam wildlife sanctuary, it established in 1984. it located at valayamchal in kannur district.

It considered as one of the best picnic spot at kannur, there is two ways allowed to enter the sanctuary, this is the unique feature of this place. and this is the only wildlife sanctuary which can enter from karnataka state, because this shares the boundary with karnataka at koorg, the sanctuary is administrated by forest division at wayanad.the head quarters loacted at is a guide available to know more things about the location but you will pay 300 rupee for get the guide.elephants, sambar, deer, gaur, barking deer,nilgiri langur, hanuman langur, malabar giant squirrel are the wild animals conserved here. cheenkanni river is flows here.

Aralam wildlife sanctuary located 22 km away from iritty, it open for the visitors daily 9 to 5. the nearest airport is calicut international airport located at a distance of 120 km from here. the nearest major railway stations are thalassery and kannur. the local camps are conducted at the sanctuary every year. here is a very comfortable climate feel the visitors, during the monsoon period strong wind lashed here. this is one of the best place to research and picnic, this is only by the beauty of western ghats.

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