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Anchuthengu fort (Anjengo Fort) – location, accessibility and geographical features

Anchuthengu fort, an old fort at the shore of arabian sea

anchuthengu fort attingal
anchuthengu fort attingal

Anchuthengu fort is also known as angelo fort is aquare architecture built by English east indi acompany in 1696. the fort was early used by british for the commercial purpose to india and it was the one of the main signalling station of the british for the ships reached from england. we know the history of india how the british posted here, they actually reach at india for the commerciaL purposes but they defeated the indians. the fort is located on the way to kadakkavur and 12 km away from varkkala. the name anchuthengu means five coconut trees, the name may be derived from the plenty plantations of coconut trees.

Anchuthengu fort is the first settlement of the british east india company at the malabar coast, the fort is bult by the permission of the queen in attingal, the fort is square and had four bastions. it covers only a small area sandwiched between arabian sea and backwaters. the fort was one of the war field of anglo mysore wars in 17th century. the fort follows a Portuguese style architecture. it give an awesome view to arabian sea. there is a 13 feet high light house located along with the fort. there is also a masonry canal built from anchuthengu to kollam, it was early used for transportation.

These all are the remaining evidences of the colonial age, if you visit the fort and try to understand the colonial age in india, it will be a great lesson for you about the history of kerala and influence of british. trivandrum international airport is located 53 km away from the fort via chilakoor vallakkadavu road. if you travel 58 minutes via chilakkor vallkadavu road to will reach at trivandrum central railway station. trivandrum is the major city to connects the other cities by KSRTC.

Address: Anchuthengu, Kerala 695309

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