Anayoottu festival 2018 at Thrissur vadakkumnatha temple – myth and rituals


The ritualistic feeding ceremony on malayalam month karkkidakam – anayoottu 2018

Anayoottu festival
Ana oottu festival

Kerala is the state which commonly known as god’s own country, in such a way it has a great tradition of treating elephant, according to hindu mythology elephants are close relate with elephants and worshiping in great manner. lord ganesh is has the face similar to elephants. elephant oottu ceremony is the holy feeding event of elephants, by doing this pooja it will obtain the blessings of lord vinayaka. thrissur vadakkumnatha temple is popular for conducting anayoottu ceremony. Vadakkumnatha temple is located at thrissur district,is a major shiva temple in thrissur is popular for pooram,the place is the cultural head of kerala and also known as place of pooram.thrissur pooram held at vadakkumnatha temple.


This festival is usually conduct in malayalam month karkkidakam and which falls in usually in the end of monsoon. karkkdakam is the malayalam month which specified in ayurveda to do some special treatments and hence the particular month selected for the ceremonyr. vadakkumnatha temple got the world attention by adding to one of the world heritage sites by UNESCO. The aanayoottu of feeding of elephants, is the second biggest festival held in the temple. The devotees refer to elephants as Lord Ganesh’s incarnation.The festival day of this pooja may varied according to the malayalam calendar. however the are thousands of devotees locate at thrissur on the festival day.


Pooram Live coverage at dd malayalam channel
Pooram Live coverage at dd malayalam channel


Thrissur vadakkumnatha temple is an ancient temple,mythology says that temple built by parasurama maha Shivaratri is the main festival which is celebrated in the temple. Ana yuttu festival apperas on the first day of karkkidakam. by doing ana yootu event it is believed that lord ganesh will clears the all the obstacles of life. the main priest of the temple will lead the rituals of the particular day including ritualistic feeding ceremony. some delicious things which are favorite fort the elephants they are jaggery, banana, coconut, rice, ghee, sugar cane etc.

Thrissur vadakkumnatha temple anayoottu 2018 date:- 17 july,tuesday

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