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Anamudi peak munnar, highest in south india at eravikulam national park

Anamudi peak, tallest peak situated at western ghats

Anamudi Peak Munnar
Anamudi Peak Munnar

Anamudi peak is located long with western ghats, as a part of eravikulam wildlife sanctuary. this is the tallest peak in western ghats, it is proud thing for kerala, because western ghats posses in many other states in india, but this tallest peak is situated in kerala. the peak has an average height of 2295 and 8841 feet. anamudi is a local word means the forehead of elephant. this greenly point is also the origin of some rivers flows to tamilnadu. the peak located at the border of tamil nadu. the peak is rich with the evergreen forest, the trekking to the mountain peak will give the maximum enjoyment than any other peak in india.

Anamudi is the combination of a very lot flaura and fauna. presence of Asian elephants are the variety wild animal lived here. there is also a great population of nilgiri tahr, nilgiri langur, bengal tigers, nilgirii marten etc. the blooming of neelakurinji flowers in every 12 years also see here. when you reach at the hill top fter trekking you can see the all paces surrounded to idukki and places of tamil nadu also. the flowing of rivers, tea plantations plants etc, there is no words to explain that feeling, it only got by reach at the top.

If you are interested in trekking you will only became the part of it only by the permission of authority. november to may is the best season to trekking and visit. there is not need the entry fee to peak. anamudi is situated 30 km away from munnar. the nearest railway station is at aluva located at a distance of 116 km away from anamudi. the closest airport is at cochin that is approximately 114 km away. it is well connect to all the cities from munnar town.

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