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Ambukuthy hills near edakkal caves – a beautiful scenic beauty in wayanad

Ambukuthy hills, situated together with edakkal caves in wayand

Ambukuthy hills images
Ambukuthy hills images

Ambukuthy mala is a mountain region located in wayanad, the actual location of this hill region is at ambalavayal. the famous edakkal caves are also at this ranges. ambukuthy mala is a malayalam word. this mountain is about 1000 feet above from the sea level. ambukuthymala is 12 km away from sultan bathery. edakkal caves san be access by the trekking. edakkal caves is pre historic cave which means within the rocks. there we can see the sculptures written stones which says the pre can easily reach at the edakkal caves by walking 1 km. this hills is really beautiful, the place is the evidence of stone age.

It is believed that the edakkal caves are formed by the earthquake. there are many cave writings on the stones it is 7000 thousand years old. wayand is the only plateau in kerala, it provides more beauty to this place, however kerala known as god’s own country. the beautiful path to the destination point welcomes you at every visit you to ambukuthy hills. the green meadow is look like green blanket, the plantations of tea, coffee and spices give the vegetation to the hills. the edakkal caves along with this rages got the world attention by the stone sculptures seen here.

ambukuthimala means an arrow striking hill, that means it may be had the relation to war, may be this place is used for martial purposes. the tribes who participating in the war choose this place as their station. there is not a railway station in wayanad as same in idukki, so you must choose the railway station in kozhikode. the nearest railway station is at kozhikode at a distance of 100 km from ambukuthy hills via NH 766. karipur international airport is situated 110 km away.

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