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Adyanpara waterfalls located near nilambur – a seasonal waterfall at malappuram


Adyanpara waterfalls, location and best time to visit

Adyanpara waterfalls nilambur
Adyanpara waterfalls nilambur

Adyanpara waterfalls is one of the popular waterfall which give the spectacular view for the visitors which surrounded by the forests. it situated at Kurmbalangodu village in malappuram district. adyanpara offers not only the waterfalls but also the jungle beauty overlaps the waterfalls. actually this is a seasonal waterfall, although it is one of the best waterfall in kerala. this picturesque beauty is finally falls passed through many rocks and attain th destination. it located away from the pollution of the city, because the nearest town is at nilambur which is 14 km away fro here.


it considered as a medicinal waterfall. beacase the waterfall touches man herbs throughout the flow and finally falls down. it will give more medicinal properties and it is better to have good health condition if you take a bath in the flow. Many of the people is unknown about the medicinal value of this waterfall, this is a seasonal waterfall that means the water level become too low during the summer season. September to december is the best time to visit adyanpara waterfall.

nilmabur teak museum is the nearest attraction to the waterfall it is easy to locate at the teak museum from waterfall. which is the rare kind of museum in india to preserve teak trees. during monsoon it is better to see the waterfalls from the shore, otherwise it too danger. as the name suggests it is rich in water
The time after monsoon is best tto enjoy the scenic beauty. nilambur bus station is located 10 km away from the waterfall which is easily connect other cities. nilambur railway station is also located the same distance from the destination, but the nearest manor station is at shornur. calicut international airport is situated 36 km away from adyanpara waterfalls.

Address: Malappuram, Kerala 679334

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