Adavi eco tourism kuta vanchi – ideal for adventurous journey lovers


Adavi eco tourism, enjoy the beauty of kallar and near by places

Adavi eco tourism
Adavi eco tourism


Adavi eco tourism, is a popular by the coracle boat journey, in locally it is known as kutta vanchi journey, located at konni in pathanamthitta district. it located at the konni thannithode road, konni is a small town surrounded forest. adavi bowl boat riding is locally known as kutta vanchi. tourist choose the jeep safari to enjoy the beauty of forest, chelikkallar and pallikallar are the water streams covered on jeep safari. bamboo huts are present as the part of adavi eco torism at banks of kallar river, tourist can stay in this huts, the expense of one hut is four thousand per day, tourists can book the huts over the phone. konni is a largest reserve forest in kerala, it is wide and greenish area, konni is a famous place by the elephant rehabilitation center.

The coracle journey in round boat is an adventurous one, one who are in coracle journey can face a different experience. there must be pay 200 rupee for one hour will obtain from konni eco tourism center. the coracle journey start from mundommozhy and passes through thottikayam and idikkallu. the kutta vanchi is not an artificial one, it is purely natural boat and made up of kallan bamboo from the banks of the river kallar.
A paper making unit, photo gallery, elephant shelter, children’s park, modern elephant shelter, bio-gas plant are present as the part of adavi eco tourism. it open for the visitors from 8.00 am to 5.30 pm daily. the nearest airport is cochin international airport at a distance 112 km away. the nearest and only railway station in pathanamthitta is thiruvalla at a distance 42 km via thiruvalla kumbazha highway.

contact details:
Address: Konni – Thannithodu Road, Pathanamthitta, Konni, Kerala 689699
Phone:0468 224 7645

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